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How to Style: Faux Leather Leggings

Saturday Selections: January 29, 2022

This week I'm taking you through a little get ready with me featuring leather leggings.

I can not take credit for this post though… It is pigging backing Charly Goss's stories this week. She DOES NOT LIKE LEGGINGS OF ANY KIND. if you have followed me for any length of time you know I equally do not not have love for them. The outfit always just makes me feel like I am missing pants no matter how I style it. Well this past week Charly chatted about a few was she will allow leggings…. Again leggings are NOT AN OUTFIT. Yes I said it.

So to put a Dawn spin on it, I've re-created looks using thrifted finds (you know how I LOVE thrifting). When I thrift I always start off with a plan, that's how I actually find things. So my plan was to find a white oxford shirt, an oversized jacket and a “man hoodie”

How did I do????

PS Make sure to go follow @charlygoss over on the gram. You will love her!


Look One – The BIG ASS jacket.

I was pretty excited to find this. I have wanted one for awhile but did not want to splurge because I already have a fantastic winter jacket. This big puffer though I picked up for $49.99 (Which is actually more then I would normally spend at VV) I will take it to the dry cleaner so I will probably be all in for $85.00. Not bad, as they retail for close to $300.00

PS: Sort Uggs only please. :)


Look Two – The sort of Sporty Look……

The mens section is the best for anything over sized. It took me two seconds to find this hoodie. The best part is it's from Lazypants. If this was sold at Sporting Life it would be $100.00. You can sometimes the brand at Winners and even Costco. Wait for it though, I got it for $7.99. Yup and trust me it's never been warn. Winning!!!!!!!! The Hoodie must cover your bum and you need to dress it up with a large coat and NO running shoes. Casual shoes only. We are not going to the gym.


Look Three – The Oxford Shirt

Can you believe I didn't own an oversized oxford shirt?????? So I was thrilled when I found this for for $6.99. It is from H and M and also looks like it has never been warn. I already owned the vest so it was an easy add on. You can could just wear the oxford alone. I would like to thrift a big pair of combat boots to add to this outfit. I continue to look every time I go.


Love Them?

Get the leggings below


Until next time,




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