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Laundry Stripping

A covid fad I had to try out, laundry stripping. But Clean stripping. Most laundry detergents use questionable ingredients for me so I ended up creating a formula using the following products.

Nature Clean laundry detergent and Nellie’s Washing Soda.

how to clean strip,

2 scoops of the Molly's Suds

Fill your bath tub (Or you can use a top load washer) with super hot water.

Add what you want to wash…… Work out gear, duvet covers, sheets anything you want to give a good clean

Add the above ingredients and start to stir… yes the water is HOT so watch yourself!

Continue to stir every hour, leaving in for 4-5 hours (Or depending how dirty) Leave longer.

Ring out the items as best as you can and complete a normal wash!

During the process the water is going to go black… gross even. But don’t worry, that means it’s working!

“Clean” stripping absolutely worked and I am so glad I didn’t cave!!!

I started with washing my stinky riding gear!!!!! I am so happy with how well it got the smells out!

Clean workout clothes for the win!!!!!



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