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5 Cleaner Swaps for 2022 that you can make in the bathroom.

Here are 5 Cleaner Swaps for 2022 that you can make in the bathroom. I know swapping to safer can seem like a lot, but if you break it down into sections of your life it becomes much easier. Today we are chatting 5 swaps I made last year that were super easy and I am so glad I switched too!

First swap – Deodorant

Swapping to a cleaner Deodorant ~ Why is it so important?

Because natural deodorants don’t block your pores. An antiperspirant will contain aluminum. The function of the aluminum is to decrease perspiration by blocking sweat from exiting the body, thereby stopping adverse odour and keeping your body dry. Because antiperspirants are applied often and on skin near breasts, some reports claim that the chemicals could be absorbed through your skin and cause estrogen-like hormonal effects. Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer have both been linked to aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants, and some might even contain infertility-causing toxic chemicals. So back to cleaner deodorant they allow the good bacteria on your skin to work, helping to reduce odour, even when you‘re not wearing deodorant. … Natural deodorants help control the bacteria, therefore reducing (or eliminating) the stench.

I have an entire drawer of safe deodorants that I have tried…. Beautycounter’s new launch happens to be the best I have ever used and not just because I sell it

Swapping Toothpaste

Swapping to a cleaner Toothpaste ~ Why is it so Important?

There are several reasons to swap to a cleaner toothpaste and they mainly have to do with ingredients

Fluoride. Most individuals might already know that too much fluoride can cause fluorosis (discoloured spots on teeth). …

Triclosan, According to the FDA, a study conducted found a decrease in some thyroid hormones.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) … You should not put these on your skin and especially eat them!!!!!

Parabens. ~ Parabens are used to preserve the shelf life of a range of cosmetics… need I say more, you shouldn’t eat them.

Like Deodorants I have tried a lot of safe toothpastes. They often don’t work and they taste like poop. When I found David’s Toothpaste I knew it would be the last one I would ever use! Yes it’s on the pricey side, but it’s totally worth it.

Swapping Razors

While a razor can carry some toxic ingredients (The soothing strip) Plastic razor are toxic for our environment. There are a staggering amount of razors disposed of year and with one easy switch you can avoid all that. Now don’t be alarmed by the price tag. I have had mine for over a year and I still have lots of the metal razor part. Just think a pack of twelve heads is normally over $50.00 you get a pack of 25 for $25.00. It takes some getting use to but over all the shave is even better then the regular. A straight blade is going old school and it really works. This is their write up from the website. “In addition to being a more sustainable, plastic-free choice, a safety razor provides a superior shave with reduced irritation and is more cost-effective in the long run. And if you weren’t convinced yet, these razors can be used with a shave oil, allowing you to shave and moisturize simultaneously. The Well Kept brass safety razor comes with one blade.”

Swapping Makeup ~ Foundation

Swapping to a safer foundation.

The reality is a lot of beauty companies use ingredients that are harmful to human health and why you ask? Well it is perfectly legal so why not. A lot of in expensive ingredients are toxic and derived in a tube, which is why they are cheaper. Long and daily exposure to these will build up your toxic load. So my thinking has always been if you can choose something safer that is high performing, why wouldn’t you? The website makes it easy to shade match and on top of it all the product lasts for such a long time because you only need to use a little pump of it!

Swapping Your Menstrual Cup

Why Switching to a period cup is a good idea

I actually found a website that had 18 reasons why you should switch to a menstrual cup. I won’t go into that much detail but I will list a few reason why I love it so much. The biggest reason I switched is Tampons hold chemicals. The cottons they use can be laced with nasty stuff and a tampon could not be any more intimate in your body!!!!!! The cup will last you forever so it’s much better on the environment. You will save a ton of money not having to buy tampons and pads throughout the year. And the thing I love the most is your period is much shorter… why you say? Because the cup collects not dams in up like a tampon does. It allows you to have a much natural cycle. For those wondering you only need to switch them twice a day. When I wake up and when I go to bed, that way I can dump in the comfort of my own home. You MUST try them!

Tell me what I have missed??? What have you swapped out that I need to add to this list.





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