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Target Shopping Guide

Want to know how to shop at Target from Canada?

It's actually pretty easy! However you must know up front YOU MUST BE PATIENT. It will take time for the order to get to you. Is it worth the wait? Heck yah!!!!! Here is a simple step by step way to get your goodies across the boarder.


Step One

You need to create a mailbox address with the Montana Mailbox


Step Two

Shop Studio McGee at Target YES PLEASE.

Ship everything to your newly created mailbox. Of course it doesn't just have to be Target you can ship from any store. I even added a few Amazon Home items I knew I couldn't get here.


Step Three

Once all your packages are in and you have been contacted my Montana Mail box, Email DYK Post at as a pickup request with your sales/payment invoice(s)/receipts(s), ticket number(s) [from Montana Mailbox, Inc], a brief description of your purchases (number of boxes, country of manufacturer, etc), the branch that your parcels to be picked up from, your name, address, phone number in Canada. ~ NOTE, This part takes the longest


Step Four

Sit back and wait and wait and wait for them to contact you. They are clearing customs for you and bringing it to the location of your choice. Once they message you, your packages are ready for pick up!


YES, The process costs money. Their fees can be found here on their site. But to be honest I had no idea how to follow them. I just prayed for the best! For example though I brought in $1000 CAD worth of product and it cost $300 in shipping fees and duty. Maybe that seem like a lot but I ordered a beautiful olive tree, fabric ottomans, plants, an area rug and even art work….. all of which I could not find here. So summary in my opinion totally worth it!

Because you have signed up to be apart of our Life By Design community I am including this front console styling with links for FREE as a thank you for following along. Click the link below to the Like to Know Page (Yes I make a small commission… but it's only big enough to buy a bag of mini eggs. LOL )


xo, Dawn



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