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Magical Morning Routine.

It is proven that if you have a morning routine you will absolutely function better through out the day. Here is a list of must have’s….

Make Your Bed Making your bed everyday should be a habit as it will kick start a chain reaction of good decisions. I only recently started this small step in October with the next 90 days. I have to say it definitely has helped reduce stress and helps my mood. Crazy right from one small thing.

Hydrate I talk about this all the time but if I am being honest I wasn’t following it to a T. Water is life… honestly. It helps with too many things to list. But start small! Everyone always goes full throttle and then gives up cause it feels like way too much water… especially if this has never been a routine. Take your body weight and divide in 1/2. That’s how much you should be drinking in oz. If it’s 5 water bottles full, start with three for the first couple of weeks and then add on.

Write it down Journaling has many health benefits and is a great way to purge emotions. It is also an amazing way to write down our goals and what we are grateful for.

Start a gratitude journal. – Writing down 5 things everyday that you are grateful for. This evokes the positive emotions and makes us realize just what we have, even if it’s just coffee!

Write down your intentions everyday. This allows you to focus your energy for the day.

Emotions – Write down any feelings you are having. Emotional expression will make you stronger and can take a weight off your shoulder.

Meditation This brings a sense of mindfulness to your day. It only needs to be 10 mins long to get into touch with your thoughts and again set intentions.

Exercise Last but certainly not least EXERCISE. I write it in big letters because it is oh so important. This allows you to start your day off right! If you don’t have time in the morning… then make time. Seriously get up 20 mins earlier and do push ups, planks and squats. It will set the ton for the day!



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