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Styling Shelves

Back to talking about what I do and know best, design!

Typically I'll share tips on how to transform an entire room (or home), but this week I decided to focus on an area that's a little smaller. Your Shelves.

Styling & Décor is one of the key pieces (possibly the most important) when it comes to creating a beautiful space. How we style a space not only changes how it looks, but also how it feels. And small touches go a long way, but can often be neglected when it comes to finishing the look of a room.

So if you're stuck on how to fill those empty shelves or needing to reduce the clutter, here some ways to transform them from eye-sore to eye-catching. H&M is one of my absolute go to's for styling the “small stuff” Below are a few of my favs that I am loving right now!



xo, Dawn



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