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Revamped Boys Bedroom

This was such a fun re-vamp project to be a part of. Having two boys myself who equally shared a room, I recongized the need to give them their own boys bedroom yet still have the feeling of together. If that makes any sense.??? These sweet kiddos are still pretty young so we were also able to do same- same for both sides for now. I have to admit I am not a "theme" girl. Themed rooms have a shelf life, which leaves you needing to change the room in no time. This version of a boys room will be something they can grow into and will not date nearly as fast.

When designing, we always start off with a mood board. Without this road map you will absolutely go in circles and most likely end up with a hodge podge project. Trust me. Not everything will end up exactly like you planed, but at least you have a plan. Did you know we offer these mood boards? We provide the board and links so you can pull it all together. In this case we did style and complete the space.

Here is a quick shot of before. It's a great re-vamp



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