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Primary Bedroom Oasis

Good Morning!

Or afternoon, or evening, depending when you're reading this.

This week I wanted to share a few fun (and challenging) touches that I did to set up this gorgeous master bedroom last week. I say challenging because I had ZERO idea how to set up hotel drapery, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

So check out the details below and hopefully this inspires you!


First up are the Upcycled Lamps I bought them from my favorite thrift store, Value Village. My inspiration was based on a lamp from Amber Interiors, but they were $698.00 each, YIKES, sadly outside of this clients budget. With a little budget shopping and elbow grease, I was able to recreate them for only $150 each (ahh… much better), and most of the cost was for the shade!

I will link it all here in case you have the perfect lamp in need of a DIY make-over.


I always start DIY’s by mixing the paint (chalk paint is best) with baking soda. Combining the two creates a reaction, if you will, that creates a whip consistency. It makes it super easy to work with and I find the coverage is amazing.

After you let it dry overnight, bring out the MUD. Yup I said mud. I have tried coffee grounds, but I actually prefer mud. And no, don't worry your project won't smell like dirt! I also let this sit overnight. In the morning you are going to want to sand off excess mud and then do another coat of paint (I switched it up and used white). For the second coat I used a wiping method… only to then use a paper towel to smear it off. That combined with the mud gives it the old world feel.

I am super thrilled with how they turned out, but I think I might even love the cost more.



Lastly, I want to show you the Hotel-esk Curtains

I measured these beauties out and accounted for two layers. They are heavy room darkening curtains along with light linen sheers. BEWARE, installing them isn't for the faint of heart, but thank goodness for Youtube!

Even if you do not want to go all out with the hotel look, I highly recommend these Chad Made curtains. They are absolutely stunning and can be installed several ways.

I do suggest you get them dry cleaned though… they would NOT be fun to iron.


For more ideas head to my Amazon store front. I have several items linked, and yes I do make a small commission when you support my store front.

Overall this primary bedroom is an oasis I could definitely get used to.



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