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I can only image all of you out there that were third/forth/fifth kids, hand me downs are a real thing. Well for my daughter being the third child after two boys she has been lucky and cursed all at the same time. She always gets new clothes but bikes, scooters, skates they all come from her brothers. Even her bedroom furniture was leftovers from them. Well it was finally her turn to get something new!!!! Here is her pre-teen room makeover. Keeping in mind she is 9 next month, she still wanted some girly things but for them to be elevated so they can last her the next 4 or 5 years.

When designing any space, I always start with a plan….. It used to be magazines but of course now it is Pinterest. So I created her very own board and told her to start pinning. She did pretty good until there was this…

A goat??? Really Juliette?? Well this goat does appear to be living it’s best life. I digress. After I have collected inspiration videos I start looking for items to fill this vision. Knowing our budget also was helpful. I knew that I would most likely be looking on the Ikea page. So yes in the end most things came from Amazon and Ikea. The desk and chair were hand me downs from Grandma, which she was more then happy to take off her hands! The rest of the items I have linked below.

Juliette’s favorite part??? The swing!!! Here’s hoping she just sits in it and doesn’t start thinking it is a play ground swing!!!

A lot of the items cam from Ikea so I have them listed here........

The rest of the items including the bed can be found below by clicking the Amazon button. Yes I do make a small commission if you shop through the link but I assure you it is not sending my kids to college :)

Like any pre-teen she is also a hoarder.. so having her closet as organized as possible is key to making sure things get put back where they belong and that there is zero room for extra items!!! The storage items we have here are all from Homesense.

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