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Brow Love

Beauty is in the brows...

I think we can all agree that over-plucking will NEVER be a trend again, and thank god.

Why are brows so important? They are the base on any beauty routine, as your brows help frame your face - and this can change your whole look.

Natural and fluffy brows are in! But if you're like me and do not have any brows left, you may need a little help.

Here's my current favourite products to help keep my brows looking great and STAY in place all day.


THE BROW BLADE - Urban Decay

For those who weren't blessed with thick brows or they are microbladed, you may need a little help. I love the Brow Blade because it's got two options. One end is fine tip that helps you create hair like strokes, and the other is a stain to help create more definition. The best part? It's WATERPROOF.


BROW GEL - Patrick Ta

Love the look of laminated brows? Well this product is amazing. My brow hairs DO NOT BUDGE. Not only does this keep them in place all day, its great to use on its own for those, “no makeup” makeup days. Adds fullness in 2 seconds and gives your brows a little something extra.


MASCARA - Beautycounter

Now I know it's not technically for your brows, but I like to think of it as a necessary step to complete your brow look.






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