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Saturday Selections - Nov 13, 2021

Hello again! I'm back and introducing

Saturday Selections

What is it?

A weekly newsletter that includes my top picks from the week, ranging from fashion, food and everything lifestyle. All for you to enjoy and shop while drinking your morning coffee.

Here's my top picks for this week!



Need new boots for fall? I just ordered these amazing cowboy boots - and I can't wait to style them for you all next week! They are real leather from Zara with an ethical story so you know I am here for that!


This recipe is perfect for those winter months, hearty and comforting. Also my kids shockingly ate the crap out of it :)

*I used gluten free gnocchi

Local Shops

If you're local to Calgary...I have fallen in love with these two shops

  1. Labode - Vintage finds, amazing decor, and the CUTEST kitchen stuff

  2. An Honest Room - Located in Okotoks, gorgeous soft pillows and fresh greens for the holidays


GLOW First Priming Serum

Glow now and later with instant luminosity and visible skin improvements over time. The potent, skin-loving gel-serum has the complexion-improving results of a serum with the makeup-extending power of a primer—so basically, this one does it all. Made with Microdroplet Technology, a.k.a., ~4,000 encapsulated jojoba ester bubbles suspended in the formula designed to burst upon application, our innovative primer hydrates skin for an instantly plumper-looking and smooth appearance. Use it alone or wear under makeup, and you’ll be be primed for anything.”




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